Allan Cooper has been playing and writing music for over thirty years, specializing in slide guitar, piano and vocals. He was part of the blues trio Isaac, Blewett and Cooper for many years and wrote a number of songs for their two EMA-nominated cds, Walk On and Mud River. He has since pursued a solo career.

Songs for a Broken World  Allan's solo career has produced the EP Seclusion, closely followed by a full-length release, Songs for a Broken World, which includes eleven original songs. In early 2009, he began a new project, Rosedale, which features the creative input of several of Atlantic Canada's finest musicians. Rosedale was released on July 1, 2011, and more about this project can be found in the Other Projects section of the site.

 In addition to live performances, Allan has participated in a number of Songwriters' Circles.

 You can preview and purchase Allan's album on CDBaby (clicking the link will open a new window). Songs for a Broken World is also available on iTunes.