Thank you for visiting my site. Itís a place where you can find current and upcoming information about my music and poetry. There are several new and exciting projects coming up, including my new cd Rosedale, which has taken over two years to complete. It includes several vocal appearances by my daughter, Kate, and contributions by several of Atlantic Canadaís finest musicians, including Chris Colepaugh, Samantha Robichaud, Robin Anne Ettles, Jean Surette and John Maher. John and Robin have gone far beyond the call of duty to produce a cd which is a thing of beauty. One of the wonderful aspects of this project is the creative contributions from my family. Kateís vocals on Requiem, which I wrote for my late father, John Cooper, are deep, sweet and powerful. Kate never met my father, but sheís heard many stories about him and interprets the song with grace. My wife, Laurie Armstrong Cooper contributed photographic images for the front and back covers. My nephew, Adam Glenen wrote a four-part trumpet section for Dark Horse and played all the parts. His brother, Jeffrey, came to the rescue when I was stuck for words for Top Dog. John and Robin are part of my family as well. They care deeply about what they do, worry over every note, listen to me and put up with me and make me better. Everyone who has contributed to this cd has done so with love, and I am a better person for it. Robin has written a moving clarinet arrangement for Long Time Gone, and John a string quartet section for Requiem.

 On the poetry front, Iím currently resurrecting my old poetry magazine, Germination. The last issue was published in 1990, but this year is a special year. My friend, the eminent American poet Robert Bly will be 85 in December, and a special issue in his honour will be published in the fall. Robert has been my mentor for nearly 35 years. I published his book Ten Poems of Francis Ponge Translated by Robert Bly, and Ten Poems of Robert Bly Inspired by the Poems of Francis Ponge in 1990. Donít ask me how we got the title on the cover, but we did. More later.
 Allan Cooper

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